Students & Self Development

Self Development is very important for all students. Unfortunately, many students rarely think about developing themselves.

If you ask some students about what they do in order to develop themselves (other than university/school subjects), barely you would find someone who pays attention to this. Last three years at university (when I was a student), I focused more on self development through participating in university activities and cooperating with some organizations. Although some of my colleagues were thinking it is useless to take part in such activities, I knew how much those activities worth. The amount of experience and skills I learned cannot be measured. In addition, the university staff still remember me and those activities are wonderful memories for me to remember when I visit the university.

In addition and before graduation, I attended a meeting with an executive from one big company here. He emphasized that he would prefer to pick the student with more activities at university for the job even if his GPA is not high. I was thinking (like many others) that the students with high GPA will get a better chance to win the job. The executive justified his selection by saying that those students participating in the activities are most capable to handle their work efficiently. They gained a lot of skills that are very important for work such as team work, time management and task management which the high GPA students miss since they spend a lot of time at home studying.

Nowadays at work, I can see the difference and the fruits of university activities. While colleagues  (some were colleagues at university too) struggle to solve certain issues, I really can handle those issues in a very fast, easy and direct way. In addition, I do several job interviews. I can see a big difference between those students who participated in university activities and those who did not. Students participating in the activities are most likely to get accepted for the job and do well in it. Therefore, I urge my friends (students) to start developing their selves. The benefit is yours at the end and sooner or later you will see the difference in yourself comparing to others. This is where you will start to collect the fruits of the time you spent on self development.


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