Software Testing Job Interview

I have been doing many job interviews for software testing positions at work. It is very important to learn from each interview and try to make the next one much more better. The goal of such interview is to find a person suitable for the position. Suitable means he/she got the criteria of a good tester. As per ISTQB syllabus for Certified Testers Foundation Level, criteria of good testers are:

  • Curiosity
  • Professional pessimism
  • Critical eye
  • Attention to detail
  • Good communication with development peers
  • Experience on which to base error guessing

For me, not only this. I also look for behavioral skills such as time management, task management, team work and decision making. These are important too and will help the tester accomplish his/her tasks. If the person being interviewed is a fresh graduate, then the level of participation in university activities gives me a good indication about such skills. Usually, students who are involved in different activities at university acquire those skills.

In addition, I include the following two questions in the interview: 

  1. Do you love testing?
  2. Are you willing to continue your career as a tester?

The answers of both questions makes the picture more clear for me whether to proceed and consider the interviewee for the position or not.


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