The Blame Game

Several times and as a leader of software testing team, I hear the blame on testing team. But recently this blame was really different. It was not blaming testing team about missed bugs. However, it was blaming the team because of the bugs we found during the test!!!

Missing a bug is an obvious case and can happen due to several reasons. It is a good idea to dedicate an upcoming post for it. However, it is really strange that you blame the testers for finding bugs and hence delaying the release to customer!!!

If management and decision makers do not like those bugs found, then it is easy. they can just ignore the bugs and release the product to the customer. However,they have to be ready to face those bugs once they come back from the customer and how that will affect the reputation of the company as a software development company.

Regression testing is done by testing team in order to make sure that the fix of a certain bug did not break something else in the system. This can be the case when the system goes back and forth between testing team and programming team. Every time regression testing is done, different bugs can show in the system. If that happens, we might need to check if every thing is going well on programmers side. However, I am not here to put the blame on programmers. The issue might be with testing team and it could be that the test they have done is inefficient.

Our goal should be to learn from our mistakes and improve. The best thing to do is an objective analysis for the source of the bugs found and how to avoid them. Also, we need to implement changes to testing process and development process including the communication between both teams. Team members should find a way to overcome those issues.

Finally, we should keep in mind that this blame game will not help in making any progress.

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