Working EXTRA Hours

 Frequently, I see and hear that many friends stay up to late at work. To be honest, I was doing that for the first two years at work. However, I quit that behaviour in 2008 after I thought about it. One of the things I found is that once you have good time management, you will be able to finish all your tasks on time or even before the deadlines (of course the deadlines should be reasonable too).

Everyday at work, there are few hours in which the performance is the peak and the best. In addition, quality and quantity of work done during the extra hours can be far less than what is accomplished during working hours. This is the case most of the time. Extra hours include chatting with colleagues since they feel free as long as supervisors are not there (especially management). Also, being tired and working extra hours will not make you focus on the task. Therefore, more time to finish it.

If we look at the reasons why employees do like that and stay extra hours, we can find several reasons behind. Among those reasons are:

  • Management request.
  • Bad deadlines set.
  • Employee time management issue.
  • Employee lack of skills and experience to do the task.
  • Trying to impress the management!

For each of the reasons above, there should be a solution or a way to handle. The most important thing to keep in mind is that at the end, the extra hours spent at work by the employee could be spent in another wonderful way by being with family and friends. These are the good times that will refresh body and soul.

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