Love & Respect in Training

In this post, I would like to share how Love & Respect had an amazing impact on the way I conduct trainings.

I joined the training field a couple of years ago since I was at university. I did many trainings since that time and I gained lots of skills and experience. The fact is that I love training field so much and I love to stand in front of people and educate them. Therefore, my love to training, skills and experience were the only factors existing in those trainings.

Recently and after being a member of Love & Respect group, I had to conduct a training for software development for a very famous company all over the world. It was a big challenge since this topic is difficult to teach and the training might become boring. Therefore, I added Love & Respect to the training and I mentioned that I like to treat people with Love & Respect when introducing myself. In addition, I was sending Love and Respect all the way during the training. The results were so amazing. The attendees enjoyed the training and learned a lot. They told me this and even one of them sent love back to me and said “I love you for the sake of Allah.”After the training, I was happy to know from the company that the success rate of the exam they did for the attendees was high and they were really surprised.That is a really wonderful proof about how Love and Respect changed and improved my way of doing trainings.




Murshidah Said

about 5 years ago

Thank you so much for sharing this message! Spread LOVE & RESPECT!


Jamil Bosri

about 5 years ago



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