Out of the Drama Triangle

In my previous post about the Art of Conflict and Collaboration, I described the Drama Triangle and the different roles people can take during the dialog. In addition, I mentioned that people can move between the three different roles (persecutor, rescuer and victim) during the dialog. The question now is: What to do in case there is a conflict and therefore a dialog? How to arrive to a collaborative situation?

The speakers (Mette Bruhn-Pedersen and Brian Robinson) gave a really wonderful and effective answer to those two questions. This answer is very simple. It goes around that you have to get your self out of the triangle. Whether you are a manager, a leader or just the employee, do not be the persecutor, the the rescuer or the victim. Have a collaborative situation by taking the dialog out of the Drama Triangle. Therefore, you drive the situation to be in the safe shore which will result in a win-win dialog.

Last thing I would like to say about this topic and how it is related to testing. Conflict is normal to occur between testing team and development team due to issues found by testing team. Usually, this conflict will result in many discussions, meetings and dialogs. Therefore, project and people time and effort will be wasted. Hope by understanding this concept of conflict and collaboration there will be more collaboration between testing team and development team in addition to project management.

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