Useful Tips when Presenting

At some time, each of us has to do a presentation. Therefore, it is very important to improve ourselves in presentation skills. Running away is never a solution. Again, “Soft Skills in Test Management” tutorial by Graham Bath included wonderful and useful tips on how to present and I would like to share them with you.

  • Practice your First Sentences: The beginning of the presentation is very important especially the first sentences. The first sentences should give you a good start.
  • Get your Notes Ready and Available: Notes are important for you as a presenter. However, never read from them.
  • Relate to your Audience: It is very important to keep your audience involved.
  • Using Media: Use different media when presenting if you can. Examples of media are slides, flip charts and video. However, be careful when using video since it might result in a hanging feeling.
  • Structure your Presentation: Run up (10%) – Main part (75%) – Summary and questions (15%). In addition, have a minimum of three minutes per slide.
  • Using the Right Mix of Text and Graphics: Never put so much text on the slides. Also, keep in mind that a picture is worth a thousand words.
  • Positive Ending: The end of the presentation is very important. Therefore, always give a positive message. In addition, avoid saying “Well I suppose that was it” or “We are out of time now”. Instead, it is good to end your presentation by saying “Let us look back on what we have learned”.

I would like to add that you need to show your credibility during the presentation especially at the beginning. Also, give a good a good impression to the audience from the start. In addition, make proper body language and movements. Moreover, it is very important to prepare and practice the whole presentation. The best is to have three hours of preparation and practicing for each hour of presentation.

Hope this information is useful for you. Again and again, thanks a lot to Graham Bath for the wonderful tutorial.

All the best…

* Source: “Soft Skills in Test Management” tutorial by Graham Bath



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Basit Rana

about 5 years ago

As-salamu-alaikum-wa-rahmatullah.Thank you for the tips Anwar.


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