Importance of Good Job Interview

No one can ignore the importance of job interview. This importance is for both the interviewer and the interviewee. Both should prepare for the interview and learn from their previous interviews. This is in addition to learning form others experience.

Whether a job interview is for a software testing position or not, there are things in common between all. At the end, the goal should be to succeed for both parties. The success for the interviewee is to give all relevant information which qualify him/her to get the job. Also, the success for the interviewer to select the right person for the position.

In order for the interviewer to be able to select the right person, the he/she must be able to ask the right questions. This will help to get the right answers from the interviewee. In addition, a good interviewer knowledge about the required skills for the position helps a lot. Of course the skills include both technical skills and behavioral skills that allow the person to do the job in the best way he/she can.

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