Value and Appreciate Your Staff

Evaluating and appreciating your staff are very important to the success of the organization. However, they should not be only at the time of the annual evaluation but they should be along the year.

One of the issues organizations face is that they do not know the value of their people and they do not appreciate them. This includes their knowledge, experience and skills including technical skills and behavioral skills both work related and non-work related. Absence of appreciation and knowing the value of your employees will demotivate the employee, affect his/her performance or even might cause him/her to quit the job. In all cases, the organization will be the loser at the end and it will be affected.

It is very easy to value and appreciate your people. Moreover, this really does not cost anything even if you do it frequently. However and as we can see, ignoring evaluating and appreciating will have bad effect on business. The question is: why leaders/managers ignore evaluating and appreciating their staff? Unfortunately, they will realize that they have lost an important employee only after he/she had left.

Finally, I know that each person is responsible of appreciating and motivating him/her self. However, still appreciation from our leaders and managers is very important.

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