Abstract Goals

We need to set goals in this life to help us know to where we are heading. Each of us can have his/her goals whether short term goals or long term goals. However, Why do you want to achieve each goal? What is next if you achieve each goal? From my point of view, the answers of these two questions will determine whether the goal you just achieved or you want to achieve is a meaningful goal or is just what I call an abstract goal. This is what I am going to talk about in this post.

There are many reasons why one of us wants to achieve a certain goal or a group of goals in his/her life. These reasons can be related to work, study, personal life and so on. The results in this case affect that person only. Moreover, there are people who are not aware of these reasons and do not know why they want to achieve some goals in their life. They actually do not know what is next once they achieve such goals or what change those goals will bring to their life. In some cases, those kind of people might be affected by the culture and surrounding people and think that they should only achieve what makes them look different. This is the only motivation they have to achieve goals.

I believe we should not be focused on ourselves only when we set our goals. If we focus on ourselves only, then these goals we set is what I call abstract goals. I agree that each of us should have his/her own goals but we should also have some meaningful goals that touch those people around us such as family members, colleagues at work, classmates and so on. Once we achieve those meaningful goals, we will be proud of ourselves and also we will be happy. In addition, those meaningful goals will let us leave a good legacy behind us.

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Nurma Larasati

about 5 years ago

Another nice article, ya akhi! Here's my response. My goal: To go to Japan, either for study, travel or permanently live there. Anything is okay as long as I am able to step my foot on the land. Why do you want to achieve each goal? Japan has been my dream place to visit since my childhood. My childhood happiness has always been surrounded by Japanese entertainment (anime/cartoon etc). It has very nostalgic feeling by knowing the country more. What is next if you achieve each goal? Go visit other countries! Germany is the next stop!



about 5 years ago

Good Article.


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