Hey.. Let Everyone Express their Opinions!

In organizations, usually the flow of information including knowledge and experience is from the experienced staff or staff with higher job positions to the newer ones or those with lower job positions. However, should that be the only case? Can information, knowledge and experience flow in the other direction which is from the newer staff to the experienced ones or those with higher job positions? Will that be acceptable in the organization?

Unfortunately, some experienced or higher job positions staff are not willing to accept the sharing or opinions by those who are newer to them and organizational culture can play an important role.

My experience tells that the flow of information, knowledge and experience should be in both directions. This can save a lot of time, money and effort to handle projects. Different people have different views even for the same issue. Therefore, any input, sharing or opinion should be really appreciated and encouraged. This should be supported by the culture in the organization.

There are many other benefits of having the sharing to be in both directions in the organization. Staff will feel the appreciation and their value to the organization and they will be motivated to learn and share more.

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