Who is Your Role Model at Work/Study?

In every organization, there should exist some people who are the role models or at least who are considered as role models by others especially the new staff. Usually, those role models are the senior staff or those with higher job positions like managers or team leaders. However, are those people really role models? What makes them to be role models?

If you have a close look to those role models, there are ones that you may not be able to find any reason behind them to become role models except that they are seniors or they have higher job positions. Unfortunately, those people stand still and are not developing or looking for improvements in both job related skills or behavioral skills.

I believe that everyone within the organization can be a role model. Even those who recently joined. In my point of view, once there is an employee who is striving to develop himself/herself in both job related skills and behavioral skills then this employee can be a good a role model. Never feel hesitate to learn and improve from him/her. Then, it should come your turn to improve and to become a role model for others (even those who were your role models).

Finally and for the students who read this post, it is the same. You should also be able to decide who you want to be your role model whether from teachers or other students.

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