What is Your Office Size?

Several times in the past, I had arguments with different colleagues about my office and its size. They kept asking me why my office is just a small cubical despite the experience and leadership role I have at work. Those people kept suggesting for me to request for a new, dedicated and of course bigger office and I really can understand why they were insisting on that. The question is: What office size has to do with me or my job?

Due to culture and working environment, a lot of people focus on office size more than work or actual person. They make their judgment based on office size and think that there should be a relationship between office size and years of experience or role at work. I really do not believe in that. I believe in focusing on the value of the person and the quality of his/her work. Let us assume that I got a new office. What is next? Indeed, what is next and what this office will add to me? You should keep in mind that office is only an office whether it is a small cubical or a big office with a wonderful view. If you have a lack of technical or behavioral skills or your quality of work is not up to the expectations, then having a new big office will not fix those issues. Better you work on developing yourself in those areas where you need development rather than focusing on getting a new office.

All the best…





Mohammed Aldamer

about 4 years ago

HAHAHA your absolutely right Anwar . I missed you brother hope you are well and happy _Mohammed AlDamer_


Anwar Bosbool

about 4 years ago

Thanks Mohammed for your comment. I am doing ok. Wish you all the best in your new position.


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