Why Do You Resemble Your Boss?

Why Do You Resemble Your Boss?

One of the interesting things I read is an article about employees who resemble their bosses. The topic suggests that after several weeks of working with the same boss, then and in most of the cases the employee will resemble the boss. I really wondered if this is valid or not. In addition, I started to ask myself: Why do you resemble your boss?

Earlier this month, I had a meeting with a friend who has been working for one organization for few years and reporting to the same manager during that period. In addition, some of my friend’s colleagues were in the meeting too. During the meeting, there was a discussion about a topic related to software testing and software development and I was monitoring my friend. He was talking and discussing like his manager – whom I know too – even the body language! At that moment, I realized that what I read in the article is true. I interrupted my friend and said: “This is not you who is talking. This is your manager!” Everyone in the meeting laughed.

Everyone of us can chose whether to resemble his or her boss or not. However, I believe that everyone should have his or her own character. You can resemble your boss but better to resemble your boss in the parts that are good. Those are the parts that support you to be a better person, a role model and to leave a good legacy at work.

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