Rounding Off this Year’s Resolutions*

In January 7, 2013, I wrote a post in this blog and the title was “New Year.. New Start”. In that post, I talked about making 2013  a year of success and I shared some ideas that hopefully helped a lot of us. Those ideas were mainly about setting goals for 2013 and achieving them. These days, we all started to count down for 2014. Indeed days are moving so fast. The question to everyone is: What have you achieved in 2013?

Although this should be done continuously throughout the year, it is now the time for everyone to sit and have a self-talk to review the progress during 2013. Ask yourself about the goals you have set. What goals you have achieved. Also, what goals you could not achieve and why. Look at the reasons and factors which helped you to achieve your goals and others which worked as a barrier. Find ways to improve and start from now. Start planning for 2014. Also, keep in mind that 2013 is not yet finished. There are still few days remaining and you can achieve a lot in them.

All the best…

*This title is courtesy of my inspiring friend SiewLing Hong. Thanks so much.




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