How to Build a Successful Team

How to Build a Successful Team

After reading one of my previous posts about improving the team, one of my friends asked me to write about my experience in building a team. In fact, there are many articles available on the internet about team building and several of these articles talk about team building stages which are Forming-Storming-Norming-Performing. Moreover, we all agree that good leadership skills especially social skills are highly needed to build a team successfully. Now, let me ask a question here: How about building the team with Love and Respect in addition to trust?

My experience tells that Love and Respect will have a magical effect on the team. This has happened in one of the teams I have worked with. Before Love and Respect, the team was performing good and each member does what is required from him. However and when we had Love and Respect in the team between the members and the leader, the team became like one person. You barely can differentiate between the members and the leader. Team members and the leader were supporting each other in order to achieve one goal which is to get the work done. Also, Love and Respect helped the team to overcome the obstacles that were on the road to success. Trust between team members and their leader was also necessary in order to accomplish the work. The results were so obvious and every team member loved to be part of the team and enjoyed his day at work. In addition, those results caused others external to the team to wonder and for some to wish that they were part of the team.

All the best and Love & Respect!

* For more information about Love & Respect, you may visit “The Message is Love & Respect” group on facebook.


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