Quitting is an Option!

Employees in working environments get promoted to new positions such as management or leadership positions. Moreover, it is really common that those promoted employees have the feeling and make the assumption that if you become a manager or a leader then this means you should keep there. In other words, you should never leave that position to someone else for any reason. However, what if you are not getting enough support in your new position as a leader or manager? What if you could not satisfy the interests and goals set by the organization even if those interests and goals contradict with the tasks of the new position?

Being in any position at work does not mean you should keep there till the rest of your life. If you find out that you are not getting enough support in the position or you can not achieve or satisfy what the organization wants from you, then you may stop for a while and think about it. There are many options to get out of that situation and the option which a lot do not think about is to quit from that position. I know it is hard to do so but if you find out that the right decision is to quit, then be brave and take the decision to quit and to look for a better position/place. If you decide to quit, then be sure that you will hear many people criticizing you and considering you crazy since you left your management or leadership position. However, never listen to those people as long as you believe that you made the right decision for yourself.

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Bernard Homès

about 4 years ago

If someone decided to trust you with a management promotion, why react by quitting? It is not always easy, but if you do not try hard enough, then quitting is acknowledging that the person Who promoted you was wrong and you are not management material. Who will trust you and havé faith in you if you don't even have faith in yourself and quit?


Anwar Bosbool

about 4 years ago

Thanks Bernard. I do not mind to be a manager or leader. However, there is no use to be a leader or manager without permissions. You do not even get support from higher management. You are only there to be blamed in case something goes wrong! In this case, I would say quitting is better.


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