Apology: A Culture a lot of People Lack!

Apology: A Culture a lot of People Lack!

Mistakes can happen in our daily life. Some of the mistakes we do affect only us. However, other mistakes might affect people around us. This effect can be very severe and last long. Therefore, the issue is not only with the mistake itself but also with what can happen after the mistake.

There are two distinct ways related to what can happen after the mistake. First way is to apologize to the person who was affected by the mistake. The second way is not to apologize. Unfortunately, a lot of people go with the second way which is not to apologize. Why? Instead of keeping the other person suffering, it will be great to apologize and correct the mistake if possible. This really does not cost any thing but many people are not willing to do so. However, those people might change their mind if they put themselves in the other person’s shoes. This is the only way they can feel how the other person suffered as a result of the mistake. Then, sure they will proceed and apologize.

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