The One Mistake You Might Do with Your Laptop in Meetings

The One Mistake You Might Do with Your Laptop in Meetings

Attending meetings is common in any work environment. During any meeting, usually there will be a presentation to be delivered to the audience and a discussion will be held about the topic presented. A person (usually the caller for the meeting or the presenter) will lead the discussion and the audience should provide their feedback and comments. In order to do that, the audience need to focus during the meeting. Also and before the meeting, the audience might need to prepare for the meeting and bring any related materials they might need. Those related materials might be only in a soft copy format and available on laptops. Therefore, different audience will need to bring their laptops for the meeting. As a result, one mistake might happen during the meeting.

If you bring your laptop for any meeting, then make sure you focus in the meeting. Bringing your laptop to the meeting should help you to keep up with the discussion and to participate actively during the meeting. However, I have seen many attendees who bring their laptops and start to work on their own tasks including checking work email and replying to them. Doing such thing is a big mistake since you can not focus on what is going on in the meeting and do your tasks at the same time. Moreover, not focusing in the meeting might send a message of disrespect to the presenter and the caller which no one wants.

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