Would 25 Hours a Day Solve No Time Problem?

Would 25 Hours a Day Solve No Time Problem?

Most of the time and whenever I have a discussion with different people especially colleagues about their daily life and personal activities such as going out with friends or self-development, I hear a common answer which is “we really have no time for all of that!”. For me, this answer is very weird. Therefore, the next question I ask is “what keeps you busy so you really have no time?!” and after asking few more questions, I really get shocked when I find out that the answer is “Nothing!”. Therefore, what if we give an extra hour per day to those people so their day becomes 25 hours? Would that solve their ‘no time’ problem? Would it allow them to do some activities such as going out with friends and self-development?

Those people do not do anything that keeps them busy all the time. However, they believe they are busy. Therefore, the real issue is with time management and utilizing time efficiently. As a result, the situation would remain the same even if we gave those busy people an extra hour per day. Those people do not have plans or goals for the things they want to achieve. Therefore, you might find them stay till late time at work or when they go home they keep themselves busy with just secondary things. Even they might sit idle but still claim they are busy and complain later they have no time. The only solution to this is to start planning your life and decide on the things you want to achieve. In this case, you will be able to have time for all what you want to do.

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